admin On October - 28 - 2013

There is a blessing inherent to the passing of a pet that we are not afforded with a human loss. We are not left to dwell, as we so often do in times of grief, on that one argument we wish we’d never had, or those words—even be they the rarely spoken between you—that were harsh, that were hurtful or cruel. Because our animals have never been capable of such malice. Instead, our memories are coloured only with the fondest of recollections, of joyful moments, and, more often than not, gleeful laughter at their wild antics. This, I believe, is their final gift to us. A mourning that is without the conventional guilts that besiege us when we first realize the profundity of an absence.

Such losses, while no less heart-breaking, teach us that through these inevitable passages we can be strengthened to continue in our journeys.

Rest well, my sweet Lucy…you earned your slumber the day you came into our lives.

rain lucy

April 14, 1997-October 25, 2014