profile picWelcome to Dr. Kyla’s repository for the written word. If you’ve reached this site looking for my more crafty endeavours then check head on over to (for geeky goodness) or (for handmade pet goodies, some of which may also be geeky). However if you’ve come here in search of an editor, writer, or researcher, then you’ve come to the right place—welcome!

Currently based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, I’ve been working as a full-time freelancer for the past three years. I spent ten years in academia studying political science, health, environment, and comparative development and teaching in those same areas. I was one of the few people who began teaching during my Master’s degree and I continued to do so until I completed my ‘terminal’ degree (an interdisciplinary PhD) in 2009. All throughout my education I spent a great deal of time writing freelance in a variety of areas. During those ten years I was also intimately involved in the global anti-asbestos movement, and I am happy to refer anyone needing assistance in the area of asbestos-related diseases and policy.

In 2010 I hauled my faithful dog, Lucy, to Seville, Spain.. And while the fact that I was surrounded every day by the magic of flamenco and could at any given moment run off and take a class from a master dancer, life intervened and I made my way back to Canada. I settled in Montreal—Canada’s little European oasis—and I love it. And I’m beyond happy to be making a living doing what I love.

A part of my living is also made doing artisanal work—try as I might I can’t escape it, it’s in my blood.

I am now governed by my puppy mill rescue, Fizzgig, and my two other rescue pups living in Vancouver, Pumpkin and Daisy.