admin On June - 12 - 2013
red shirt 37

Admittedly, a little bit of shameless self-promotion here!

My close family and friends knows that should I pass on, my obituary most certainly must read: Discontinued. They also know that I’m not joking about this. I will be quite put out if it’s not. It has been the bane (and admittedly as banes go, it’s pretty minor) of my existence that any time I get to like a product, service, or anything at all really, within a few months or so it will undoubtedly be discontinued. Unfortunately, this particular curse appears to be mildly infectious and seems to have spread to others in my close circle (even my dogs, for god’s sakes!).

So here stands my digital monument to the world that those are my wishes and you have every right to ream out my family should they not follow my wishes. Granted, given that if I pass on I sure as hell won’t be paying my internet hosting bills, but I imagine a blurry digital footprint of this request will exist in some cached netheregion of the interweb…

So should I have passed on, please do have a check of the obits. If ‘discontinued’ does not appear, and if, as I suspect, there is no afterlife and I’m not capable of haunting them, do feel free to track down my family and give them a good speaking-to!