Q: There are typos on your site. You claim to be an editor—explain that!

A: Yep. It’s entirely possible there are errors on my site that I haven’t caught, but that only goes to prove my point: even editors need editors. It’s impossible to divorce yourself from your own writing; every writer needs a pair of fresh eyes!

Q: I’ve finished my article and am about to submit it for publication, but the dang bibliography is a nightmare. Will you format it for me?

A:  Sure thing! Just send me requisite formatting information/style and I’m happy to do so. Please note that given the demands of bibliographic referencing, rates differ from those of copy editing.

Q: What kind of editing do you offer?

A: Check out the services and rates section to find out!

Q: Can you do medical or scientific editing?

A: Yes and no. I have an inter-disciplinary doctorate in medicine, with a focus on public health (population, occupational, and environmental). As such, I’ve worked on papers that require knowledge of the medical sciences, but more from a social sciences perspective. However I am not a scientist (okay, maybe I’m a political scientist, if you buy that that’s actually a ‘thing’), and I cannot assess whether formulas equations have been written properly, etc. If you’re not sure whether your work falls into that category, just drop me a line and ask!

Q: What’s with all the dog/politics/geeky/science/arts/food/health/craft/horror movies/asbestos/flamenco/whatever stuff on your site?

A: Simply put, I’m a woman of many interests! I am one of those people who is consistently fascinated by the world around me and acquired a life-long love of learning early. If you stick around and follow my blog and/or twitter, you’re likely to see evidence of that. Life’s too short not to indulge in your interests! (By the way, I was taking photos of food waaaay before it was cool.)

Q: Can you help me sell my book?

A: Not personally, but I can refer you to someone who can, or at least can help point you in the right direction.

Q: The book’s been published, what now?

A: It’s anunfortunate reality of the publishing industry today, that unless you’re a Stephen King or a John Grisham, your publishers aren’t likely to provide you with a great deal of publicity–it’s simply not part of their budget. For that reason, I’m also happy to be able to refer you to Rachel Wood at gal-friday publicity, where I often freelance. Rachel happens to be my sister, but don’t hold that against her.

Q: You know, I just don’t have enough adorable crocheted miniature horror movie axe murderers or sci-fi icons in my life. Can you help?

A: Funny you should ask. It just so happens that one of my part-time endeavours involves being the creator and purveyor of just that. Stop by www.doctorkylasemporium.com to get your fill of geeky goodness!

Q: My dog just isn’t funky enough. Got any suggestions for how to gussy up my furry friend?

A: Wow, you’re just full of excellent questions today! And as luck would have it, I also happen to make dog accessories (some of which are also geeky!). Grab your best little furry buddy and head on over to www.doghairinc.com 

Q: Are you actually a doctor?

A: Yep, I sure am. I earned an interdisciplinary doctorate in medicine and arts (public health and political science, respectively) in 2009.

Q: I think cancer sucks, how about you?

A: I do, in fact. That’s why I started the Say GRRR to Cancer fund, you should check it out! By the way, asbestos sucks too and results in an unconscionable number of deaths every year.  That’s why you should click here and here to learn more about it and help in the fight to put an end to an easily-preventable, global tragedy.

Q: Will you collaborate on work with me?

A: That depends. First off, by “collaborate” it is to be understood I will be assigned shared authorship of whatever article you’re working on. Second, I need to have an interest in the work.

Q: Will you write my term paper/admissions essay/assignment for me?

A: Nope. That’s called cheating. I am happy to provide you with a copy-edit or suggestions on organization and structure when applicable. A good rule of thumb as to whether what you’re asking me to do is cheating is to ask yourself: would my instructor allow this? If I feel suspicious about something, and you cannot produce an original copy of the assignment detailing that your instructor has allowed outside assistance, then I will refuse. As a university instructor for over ten years I feel very strongly that education is not simply about getting good grades—it’s about learning how to think critically. Yes, on occasion we all have to study something we couldn’t care less about, but that’s life. Suck it up. You still have to do the work. If that’s sounds harsh, it’s because of how dramatically I saw plagiarism and cheating increase in my final years teaching. Getting someone else to write your paper serves no one. And here’s a little reminder: WE CAN TELL WHEN YOU’RE DOING IT. I had virtually no trouble catching cheaters, and the techniques that my colleagues are now utilizing will catch you too. So why risk it? Is it really worth getting thrown out of university (and yes, I’ve seen it happen), or getting that asterisk on your transcripts that tells every potential employer that you were a cheater? End rant.

Q: Did Truman Capote really say that?

A:  Almost. The exact quote is “say your goddamn pronouns,” but it doesn’t work quite as well for a blog dedicated to the written word. But it’s still a pretty fabulous quote from the seriously under-rated movie Murder By Deathfrom 1976. And I rather think that Capote might have enjoyed its use on an editing site (presumptuous much?). Might I also add that Maggie Smith is simply delicious in that movie. You should go check it out, and check out Clue while you’re at it!