admin On June - 30 - 2013
When I got to use Richard's camera--yowza that's a sweet piece of machinery!

When I got to use Richard’s camera–yowza that’s a sweet piece of machinery!

One of the amazing things that came out of Darren’s illness and passing, was what happened around him over the year that preceded his death, with his galaxy of friendlies.

In an odd quirk of fate, a friend of my sister’s had been present on the night he and I met, some 18 years ago. Through the magic of facebook, he happened to post that photo a few months before Darren’s passing—much to all our delight (though I’m pretty sure I looked like I was about 12 when I was actually 18, yowza!). Through that one photo, I re-connected with Richard who has since developed into a magnificent photographer. 

970230_10151643977440862_1443975497_nIt just so happened he was down Montreal-way for a short vacation and we spent a lovely mist-filled afternoon exploring the mural-lined streets of the Plateau. The marvellous thing about exploring with a photographer, is how many things you actually see that you have passed by so many times before without noticing. The other thing though, is that when you go adventuring with a photographer, you have to be prepared to become the focus of the lens.

So there was much twirling and whirling down the parks and alleyways of the Plateau on that rainy afternoon. And oddly enough, it was the first time in nearly two years that I had danced, in however an abbreviated fashion it was, that afternoon,  and it did inspire me to pull those lovely purple flamenco shoes out of their velvety bag and hauling a piece of wood home from home depot to start banging away on.988528_10151643006760862_123256684_n