Editing Services

Editing is billed on an hourly rate, rounded up to the nearest quarter-hour. Editing rates are between $45-$75/hour, depending on the nature and size of project. For more information on rates, or to get a quote for your project, please contact me.

For larger projects, such as manuscripts or dissertations a deposit of $250 or 10% of the estimate, whichever is greater, is required before work starts.

When you’re provided an estimate, please keep in mind that it is just that, an estimate. It can be difficult to know upon beginning a project whether there will be more significant issues that arise as we go on. If I find that the level of work required is significantly higher than expected, I will stop and advise you of this before going further.

Note: beware of per-page pricing. While this may seem like a better deal, you get what you pay for when it comes to editing, and many of these outfits do not use native English speakers.

Payment is required within five days of invoicing (which occurs 


Pumpkin, our collections agent.

upon completion of project or end date of contract). Late payments will accrue interest.  Please remember that as a freelancer, I depend upon prompt payment to keep a roof over my head and food in my dog’s bowl. If you don’t think you’ll be able to afford my rates, or you haven’t made payment arrangements in advance, then please don’t engage my services–or else I’ll have to send my collections dog after you, and that’s not fun for anyone (except him).

Types of Editing

I offer a variety of editing services, and if what’s listed doesn’t quite meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss your project.

I use a standard editing contract, as utilized by the Editors’ Association of Canada. That does an excellent job of explaining the various different types of editing available (click here for a sample contract), but the differences are described below for quick reference.

While it’s broken down into more precise categories, as a writer you’ll typically be choosing between substantive, stylistic, and copy editing.

The first (substantive) takes place when a manuscript is still in the drafting stage. While I will note grammar and syntax issues, unless specified I will not correct them at this stage. This type of reading is designed more to look at issues of organization, flow, and style. In the case of academic manuscripts this may involve assessing the strength of argumentation and its adherence to the conventions of the field of study. In the case of fiction, this might involve highlighting any major plot holes, failures in character development, or other issues that detract from reading enjoyment. When starting with a substantive edit, you can expect to have to complete at least a couple of rounds of editing.

Stylistic editing may be combined with copy editing, and will look at the readability of the text with particular focus on syntax and style. This is one of the most commonly requested type of editing for people whose native language is not English.

Copy-editing takes place in the final stages of the writing process, just prior to draft submission to your target audience. At this stage I am looking only for typos, and errors with grammar and basic syntax. With a copy-edit I will not be looking for issues with story-telling or your ability to construct logical argumentation which supports your hypothesis. Unfortunately many people skip the previous stage without realizing that their work is not ready to be copy-edited. If, during the course of the project, I feel the manuscript is not at this stage, I will inform you and we can readjust the contract appropriately.

Deadlines need to be adhered to on both sides—I need to meet your deadlines, and you need to meet mine. When I take you on as a client I am booking off that time to complete your project, which means I can’t take on other clients. If you don’t provide me with documents in adherence to our agreed upon schedule, I can’t complete the work. Repeated late submissions will result in termination of the contract and payment becoming due immediately.

Manuscript assessment

As an editor I’ve accumulated a great deal of experience in determining whether or not a manuscript is ready for the editing or submission stage of the publication process. As such, I offer a manuscript assessment service. As my assessments are quite in-depth, I cannot afford to do them gratis. However, if, upon receiving my assessment, you sign up for an editing contract I will be able to credit your account for that amount. Assessments run between $50-$150, depending on the size and nature of the project.


I have recently begun offering ghostwriting services. However I am only taking on clients under specific terms. I am available for copy writing and large-scale projects (full-length books), and I have extensive experience in both areas. Please see my FAQ, for information on jobs I am not willing to do.

I am fortunate that my interdisciplinary background has given me grounding in a broad range of intellectual realms. But I’m more fortunate that I have a ridiculous hankering for accumulating knowledge across the spectrum: music, arts, politics, animals, theatre, history, cooking, science, just to name a few. And if my time at the dog parks of the world has taught me anything, it’s that the most unassuming people have the most interesting stories to tell. There’s a wealth of spectacular stories bobbing around in the world I welcome the opportunity to help bring those stories to a broader audience. Please contact me for rates and references from previous clients.

If you have any questions, please take a look at the FAQ. If you still have questions then please drop me a line!