admin On July - 6 - 2013

It is like being cheated and gifted simultaneously. I am infinitely angry that this brilliant and beautiful man was stolen from us. Yet somehow the fates saw fit to allow me to spend the last days he would see by his side. It is a rare and painfully beautiful gift I was given—one for which I cannot begin to express my gratitude. There are moments that etch the indescribable onto your soul, that belong only to you. And it is pointless to try and describe them to others—their depths cannot be conveyed. But it is enough that they are yours. And it was enough that together they were ours, and the moment that our hands and lips parted, that etching became indelible.484564_10151072523804066_1398687635_n

IMG_0120We do not ‘move on’, but we will write, live, and love. We will write on pages where he cannot, and we rejoice that his mark has been left with us all. We move through and we bear the scars of our grief with us always. They alter our composition, change our form, but do not burden us. Our scars are the precious markers of moments of a life well-lived. And while there are moments where his absence stops me dead in my tracks—those that bring a smile across my face are growing ever more prevalent in my dreams and thoughts.

And so tonight, in pockets across the country, we will walk again for you. Our wine safely stored in our flasks as we wind our way through parks, across bridges, through woods, “Piano Man” will never be far from our lips.

And we raise our cheap red wines to you, Darren, and hope that your journey goes on…